From China with Love! TWICE is an international designer fashion accessories brand in Greater China and is extending its reach to the major fashion capitals of the world. The TWICE name is fast becoming synonymous with the brand’s signature ‘total look’ and in-store transformation process. Never just once.


Mirko Wormuth

..and he is? Tina’s husband. Twice Co-founder. The man who made a spectacular career change that saw him dive headfirst into the fashion world. Did the young football-kicking Mirko dream of creating an accessories brand as a boy? Let’s face it, probably not. Alright, definitely not. Mirko didn’t build up to launching TWICE in the same way that Tina did. It wasn’t a life-long ambition, but it’s become a passion. An all-consuming race to become China’s leading accessories brand.

Tina Tian

Who is she? The TWICE story begins with Tina. Tina and her dream. Tina was born to be in fashion. A bold statement, perhaps. After all, she wasn’t exactly by high-fashion growing up in the northern Chinese city of Harbin. But of one thing, we can be certain. She’d always felt a calling for fashion, for design, for setting free her creativity. No surprise then, that in a few short years Harbin was a thing of the past. A new city beckoned.
Beijing certainly shook things up. Enter life in the capital; a buzzing mix of artists, directors, actors, models…a churning blend of people and ideas. The Beijing Film Academy and her studies in make-up and styling, her brushes with the capital’s fashion pack. Professional stylist by day and social butterfly by night – it was all about the art of transformation. A thought occurred to Tina:

“It’s all about fashion. Fashion design, styling…this is it, this is what I’m going to do. So, I wonder. Could I start my own designer label?”

And there it is, out in the open! Tina’s dream. Cue the end of her studies and a chance to see the world. Globetrotting ensued. All the fashion capitals of Europe: Paris, Rome, Milan, London, Barcelona. Taking in every sight, every detail, every nuance. Tina’s calling to the world of fashion felt stronger than ever. There was an opportunity, she felt it. A chance for her to inspire the women of China, and for them to emerge…more feminine. Yet confident and contemporary.


Every woman needs her rock. A man on her arm, a jewel at her ear. There’s something reassuring about visiting a trusted brand and knowing that you can re-invent yourself. A woman-about-town has little time to browse. Putting together the latest look piece-by-piece requires a time commitment that professional women can seldom afford. What these women really need, what they depend on, is a trusted designer and a brand to be relied on. A brand, like TWICE, that casts an expert eye over its female clientele and imparts changes for the better. We’re talking top-to-toe transformation. Naturally, it will involve something shiny and reflective – on the ears, the décolletage. Then, for fun, the TWICE assistant adds a statement wide-brimmed hat, perhaps a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses? Is it still the same woman looking back at you in the store mirror?

Who was it that said accessories make the outfit?

They had a point. Because actually, even the most divine Alexander McQueen gown needs a pair of heels. Then it needs a purse to match the heels. Oh, and something to…what’s the phrase? Catch the light! Dangling from an ear or slung around a neck. Claiming the spotlight.

TWICE is an international accessories brand that does exactly what it proclaims. Simple. But more than that, TWICE provides its clients with a one-stop style revolution; it gives them a totally new look constructed exclusively via its range of jewellery, purses and footwear. And hats. And scarves. And more.

Even at a distance, TWICE designs speak for themselves. There they are, accessories lined up in-store. Winking at you. Asking to be shown a good time.

Harder to nail down, though, is the feeling experienced by a TWICE client when outing her ‘look’on the daily grind. It starts with a butterflies-in-the-stomach flutter; slotting your accessories into place. It intensifies when you test the waters in your new guise; a nervous bolt of excitement. Everyday occurrences take on a new angle. Boardroom meeting? Bland? But wait! Those earrings I picked up in TWICE last weekend…might they just lift my corporate alter-ego Hugo Boss?

A TWICE woman: Take an open-air cafe, an up-and-coming bar or a restaurant opening. There she’ll be. In a stylish ensemble that matches right down to the last golden tassel. She must have spent a lot of time putting that look together. And yet it all seems so effortless; strangely contradictory. She’s just so glamorous. Yet there’s a modernity to her look as well. And oh so feminine.

TWICE women channel multiple roles and facades, but sometimes they need a moment all to themselves. A go-to place, of sorts, that brings home their feminine roots; leaves them free to transform into the woman that takes on life’s challenges with a certain grace, a certain elegance.

A go-to place to visit, not once, but……TWICE?